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Grayling Fishing

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Grayling Fishing on the Welsh Dee

The Welsh Dee has for a number of years been recognised as the mecca of Grayling fishing amongst the UK and European Grayling fishing fraternity. Over the years CADAC waters have been the venue for several high profile events and they are the new home of the prestigious Hanak European Grayling Festival. 

If you are looking for Grayling fishing in Wales, CADAC waters are the perfect place to start.

Grayling provide our members with a wealth of variety of sport and successful methods include Czech and French Nymphing tactics, the Duo and Trio methods and there are times when fishing the Dry Fly is an extremely successful method. Trotting with a worm during the winter months is also very popular with our members.

Grayling Rules

Season: Dee only – all dates are inclusive 16th June to 14th March.

Methods: 16th June to 17th October – Fly only. 18th October to 2nd March – Fly or ‘float trotted’ worm (strictly no maggots). 3rd March to 14th March – Fly only. When float trotting the maximum permitted hook is size 12 and the main line must not exceed 6lbs breaking strain. Fly anglers may use weighted nymphs up to size 8 with a maximum 6lb tippet. The use of indicators is permitted , if a fly is used as an indicator it may not exceed size 8.

The size limit for Grayling is between 30cm and 38cm Members are permitted to take one brace (2 fish) per visit or any combination outlined in the General Rules section.

Some of the Grayling caught on CADAC waters.

Fish of 2lbs are common and there are several specimens in excess of this.

Grayling Flies

Successful fly patterns are similar to those used on most Grayling rivers and we have included some photos below of proven ‘tried and tested’ examples below.