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Salmon Fishing

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The CADAC Salmon fishery is the largest on the Dee and in most years accounts for approximately 20% of the total river rod catch. It’s not uncommon for the annual catch to exceed 100 fish in a season and as a Club we welcome the use of all legal angling methods.

Our waters are extremely variable – we have some fantastic fly fishing water whilst other stretches are more suitable for spinner fishing.

Certain waters have Beat specific rules and these can be viewed on the Beat pages, as well as on the rules page.

The current NRW rules can be viewed here –  An angler’s brief guide to the introduction of new salmon and sea trout byelaws River Dee

Salmon Rules

No Salmon are to be kept.
All Salmon must be released with minimum delay
Season: Dee and tributaries – all dates inclusive. 3rd March to 17th October.


3rd March to 31st May – Fly Only, Barbless Hooks – See Below.

1st June to 17th October – Fly or spin. Barbless Hooks – See Below.

1st September to 30th September – Fly and spin. Shrimp or Prawn. Barbless Hooks – See Below.

Junction Beat: Shrimp or Prawn baits are NOT allowed on the Junction Beat.

Worm fishing for Salmon is Not Allowed


All hooks must be barbless or de-barbed.

On artificial flies with a hook gape greater than 7mm, hooks are restricted to singles or doubles.

On artificial flies with a hook gape 7mm or less, trebles are permitted but flies are restricted to a maximum of two hooks with a total of four points between them.

No treble or double hooks are permitted on lures used for spinning.

Spinners and spoons can have only one single hook with a gape of 13mm or less.

Plugs can have a maximum of three single hooks, each with a gape of 13mm or less.

Shrimp and prawn fishing for salmon is allowed from the 1st September until 30th September with the use of a barbless, single treble hook with a gape of less than 7mm.

Reporting – For both Salmon and Sea Trout:

Important: All salmon and sea trout catches must be reported within 7 days of capture. Please report catches by leaving a voice message on the following mobile phone voice mail for Paul Jones on –  07708147259

Please report the following details: Your name and CADAC Club membership number, salmon or sea trout, the beat, the date caught, the weight, method of capture, cock or hen, tagged or not, and in regard to sea trout whether the fish was kept or released.

Proven failure to report will result in dismissal from the Club.

A Nice Dee Salmon

Salmon Fishing tends to be a case of being in the right place at the right time and it’s certainly a case of getting the fishing hours in. The most successful CADAC anglers are regularly seen fishing their favourite Beats and report double figure catches on an annual basis.

Whilst there is no magical pattern the ones below have been successful over the years on CADAC waters.

Fish Welfare – 

Have a look at this video which was filmed on our waters and shows best practice when returning fish.